1. XY-3

      It is a trailer mounted drill rig, with mast, main drill rig and diesel engine all mounted on the undercarriage. Hydraulic driven, the mast can easily erect.

    1. XY-6

      Designed for a variety of drilling applications such as geological exploration, water well drilling and foundation drilling, the XY-6 spindle core drilling rig is an excellent rig in its class that offers large drilling capabilities.

    1. XY-5A

      The XY-5A spindle core drilling rig offers a large improvement on rotation unit, transmission, clutch and base. This leads to an exceptional drilling capability.

    1. XY-4

      Our XY-4 core drilling rig offers compact structure, reasonable layout, light weight and easy disassembly for your choice. In addition, it is also a rig of choice for geological and groundwater exploration.

    1. XY-1

      The XY-1 core drilling rig with a vertical spindle is ideal for geological survey and exploration, road and high-rise building foundation exploration, water well drilling and other applications.

    1. SPJC-400

      The rotary drilling rig mainly uses direct circulation mud rotary drilling method. It is provided with the BW850/2A type mud pump. Drilling fluid is pumped down the drill pipe and out through drill bit.

    1. SPJC-300

      What you see here is a powerful, high performance water well drilling rig with a pullback capacity of 180KN. The mobile drill rig is truck mounted as standard.

    1. SPJC-600

      The SPJC-600 water well drilling rig is mounted on a name brand (Sinotruck), heavy duty and powerful truck specially designed for drilling rigs.

    1. DZ-130

      The DZ-130 DTH water well drilling rig is ideal for industrial and civil well drilling and geothermal well drilling applications, characterized by large drilling diameter, deep drilling depth, fast drilling, outstanding flexibility and efficiency and other advantages.

    1. DZ-150/180/200

      DZ-150/180/200 water well drilling rigs designed for down the hole drilling purposes are widely used in industrial drilling, civil drilling and geothermal drilling applications.

    1. Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Rig

      The SD series hydraulic rotary drilling rig is a multipurpose drilling rig developed combining the new technique and process of modern hydraulic piling machinery.

    1. Hydraulic Diaphragm Wall Grab

      For foundation pit support, control of seepage through foundations of dams, cofferdam construction and other purposes, there has been a focus on increased efficiency and cost savings.