Core Drilling Rig

As a specialist core drilling rig manufacturer, we are proud to offer customers a selection of Taishan brand hydraulic core drilling rigs and spindle core drilling rigs.

    1. Trailer Mounted Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig XD-2/XD-3

      1. High production and efficiency hydraulic core drilling rig suitable for wireline diamond core drilling applications;
      2. Separate design of power unit and the core drill rig;
      3. Trailer mounted design for fast and easy transition between drilling sites

    1. Trailer Mounted Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig XDJ-4

      The XDJ-4 trailer mounted hydraulic core drilling rig comes with a modular structure. All components including power unit, control panel, rotary head, mast and base are modularly assembled for easy disassembly. Each component weighs at most 500kg.

    1. Trailer Mounted Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig XDJ-6

      Similar to our XDJ-4 model, the XDJ-6 hydraulic core drilling rig also features modular construction. Components including base, power unit, mast and winch can be disassembled for easy transportation.

    1. Crawler Mounted Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig XDL-1500

      This hydraulic core drilling rig is perfect for multiple drilling operations including wire-line diamond drilling, percussion rotary drilling, directional drilling, reverse circulation drilling, etc. Additionally, it can also be used in water well, mineral exploration and geothermal drilling projects.

    1. Crawler Mounted Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig XDL-3000

      XDL-3000 is our newest type of hydraulic core drilling rig developed on the basis of XDL-1500 for drilling of extremely deep holes. This hydraulic rotary drilling rig comes with upgrade on gearbox, mast, winch, crawler track and other parts, resulting in excellent drilling performance.

Water Well Drilling Rig

Geological Prospecting Machinery Plant manufactures and sells water well drilling rigs. Designed to be tough, durable and highly reliable, our water well rigs supplied in Taishan brand provide safe and clean water in some of the world's most demanding environments.

Foundation Drilling Rig

Here you will find a wide range of foundation drilling rigs and accessories. To view the specifications for each kind of drilling equipment, browse through the following pages or feel free to contact us.

Mud Pump

We have manufactured a wide range of mud pumps which come in various specifications and offer reliable quality and affordable price. Among them, the BW series drilling pump has been sold to tens of countries around the world.

    1. Triplex Mud Pump, BW150/BW160

      Available in diverse sizes, these reciprocating pumps feature longer strokes resulting in lower stroke speeds thus prolonging pump service life.

    1. Triplex Mud Pump, BW250/BW320

      With two cylinder diameters and four variable speeds, the drilling fluid equipment is mainly used for delivering mud for core drilling rig as well as for other applications such as grouting, mineral well cleaning and long distance water transporting, etc.

    1. Quadraplex Mud Pump, 850/8

      The 850/8 mud pump is a single acting reciprocating pump designed with four horizontally placed cylinders. With simple structure, it is easy to operate and maintain.

    1. Quadraplex Mud Pump, 1200/10

      This quadraplex mud pump is used mainly with drilling rigs to offer drilling fluid for drilling of water well, shallow oil, coalbed gas, etc. It can also serve as a delivery pump for mud, water and other media.

Drilling Accessories

Drill pipes, drill bits, water swivels and other drilling accessories are essential parts of a drilling rig. They present a direct influence on your drilling operations.

    1. Drill Rod

      The drill rods for wireline diamond drilling operations are fabricated from high strength and quality pipes with integral thermal treatment. They feature excellent tensile strength, high wear resistance of threads and long service life.

    1. Casing Pipe

      In addition, the drill casing can also assist ground well-control equipment and underground production equipment in realizing the maximum performance.

    1. Drill Pipe Screen

      Slots feature the same size and can be adjusted according to specific needs. Galvanized, the steel pipe screens come with great corrosion resistance. Light in weight, they ensure ease of handling.

    1. Drill Pipe (for Oil Industry)

      Threads are turned in a high precision CNC lathe and accept heat treatment to fit with the body and tool joints in toughness and strength.

    1. Diamond Drill Bit

      It is suitable for multiple formations. Due to unique design, high quality artificial diamond inserts will always keep exposed for quick drilling.

    1. Reaming Shell

      It can extend the life of drill bit and has an influence on bit performance, so selecting the best available is an investment in productivity.

    1. Core Barrel Assembly

      It eliminates thermal expansion issues, improves core quality through ease of handling, and provides a platform to enhance drilling processes and core analysis.

    1. Coring Wrench / Full Circle Grip Wrench

      The coring wrench also known as full circle grip wrench is designed specifically for the assembly and disassembly of core barrels and casings in all kinds of specifications.

    1. Recovery Tools (for Drilling)

      We are proud to offer a complete range of quality recovery tools with both male and female threads for retrieving struck, damaged or lost tooling from the borehole during drilling operations.

    1. Wrench (Fork Type)

      Shown here is a fork type wrench that is designed for clamping the drilling tool and keep it in suspension over the borehole. It is made from high quality carbon steel using stamping die, ensuring a smooth body as well as high robustness and durability.

    1. Water Swivel

      The water swivel is used with common core drilling rigs and diamond drilling rigs to pump drilling fluid into the well. Made from premium quality carbon steel, our drill swivel offers flexible and reliable rotation during drilling operation.

    1. Hoisting Plug

      Hoisting plug enables easy lifting and lowering of drill rods and casing. Our hoisting plugs are made from top quality carbon steel by die stamping method, ensuring superior strength, reliability and safety.

    1. Core Tray

      Our core tray is made of premium quality plastics that provide superior performance. With reasonable design, the core drilling product comes with outstanding resistance to aging, acid and alkali corrosion and less prone to damage.