Shandong Geological Prospecting Machinery Plant

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About Us

Founded in 1958, Shandong Geological Prospecting Machinery Plant is a half-century-old Chinese manufacturer and global supplier to the geological exploration and hydraulic drill industry. Specializing in mobile and stationary rotary drilling rigs and related accessories, we have the right product for companies in mining, geothermal, construction and water sectors worldwide. Our Taishan range of drill rigs including core drilling rigs, foundation drilling rigs, water well drilling rigs as well as drilling accessories offers just the user-friendly solutions needed, along with the up to date technology and productivity.

Representative Products
1. Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig

Field proven, our XD series hydraulic core drilling rigs are one of the most advanced solid mineral exploration equipment in the world, capable of drilling holes to depths ranging from 100m to 3000m. They have obtained multiple national patents. Among the series, the XDL-3000 crawler mounted drill rig, able to drill holes to a depth of 3000m has broken the domestic record in small diameter core drilling depth.

2. Foundation Drilling Rig

Our YCJF20/25 series hydraulic percussion reverse circulation drilling rigs and SD series hydraulic rotary drilling rigs are high quality, performance and cost effective foundation drilling rigs supplied for wide applications in deep foundation construction of high rise buildings, bridges and water conservancy facilities, as well as highways, railways, etc. The YCJF20/25 series drilling rigs are suitable for hard formations such as gavels and rocks, and the SD series for soft formations with higher rotary excavating speed.

3. Water Well Drilling Rig

We offer a selection of truck, trailer and crawler mounted water well drilling rigs. With large torque and stable transmission, the TSJ series rotary table water well drilling rigs are ideal for soft formations. By means of mud or compressed air DTH drilling method, the DZ series water well drilling rigs offer high drilling speed in hard rocks.

4. Geological Drilling Accessories

With more than 50 years experience in manufacturing geological drilling accessories, we have expanded the product line to include geological drill pipes, wireline drill rods, diamond drill bits, recovery tools, core barrel wrench, water swivel, hoisting plug, etc. Processed in CNC machine tools, they feature high precision, quality and extraordinary durability.

We have a large manufacturing plant which spans over 80,000 square meters and owns more than 600 employees. We operate more than 300 sets of advanced production equipment in the plant including a number of CNC machine tools. We also have a R&D center which houses state of the art research equipment and presents cutting-edge technology.

"Taishan" is the registered trademark of our products. ISO9001 certified, our products have been sold to more than 40 countries including Russia, Australia, Kazakhstan, Sudan, Mongolia, the Philippines, etc.

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