Core Tray

Our core tray is made of premium quality plastics that provide superior performance. With reasonable design, the core drilling product comes with outstanding resistance to aging, acid and alkali corrosion and less prone to damage. It can be used under both high and low temperature.

Core tray shown is available in BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ and 8-compartment specifications. It can also be made to customers' specifications. Lid is made of new composite materials and is compatible with all Q series core boxes.

Product features
1. With a whole compression molding structure, the box body is not deformed when it is filled with the core, and the size is accurate.
2. The "U" type tank structure ensures the core diameter in both is neatly arranged at the bottom of the core box.
3. The bottom of the box body is along the upper and lower convex-shaped mosaic designed, tightly interlocked, stacking solid disc.
4. The suitable temperature range is between -30TO-40, with long life, no deformation, no aging.
5. The transparent label slots at two sides of the box body are waterproof and dustproof, easy to replace the information, preventing the identification information from being worn, and protecting the core data is not lost.

Type Inside width of single slot(mm) Total length of core Slot Weight(kg/piece) Size(L*W*H) mm
BQ 48 6 m 6 2.02 1070×385×50
NQ 55 5 m 5 2.16 1070×385×55
HQ 69 4 m 4 2.33 1070×385×70
PQ 92 3 m 3 2.92 1070×385×93
2 rows 100 2 m 2 3.6 1070×237×110
3 rows 80 3 m 3 3.3 1070×275×95
lid 1.26 1070*385
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Recycled material
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