Drilling Accessories

Drill pipes, drill bits, water swivels and other drilling accessories are essential parts of a drilling rig. They present a direct influence on your drilling operations. We offer a wide range of quality drill rig accessories that meet the needs of drilling operations, today and long into the future.

    1. Drill Rod

      The drill rods for wireline diamond drilling operations are fabricated from high strength and quality pipes with integral thermal treatment. They feature excellent tensile strength, high wear resistance of threads and long service life.

    1. Casing Pipe

      In addition, the drill casing can also assist ground well-control equipment and underground production equipment in realizing the maximum performance.

    1. Drill Pipe Screen

      Slots feature the same size and can be adjusted according to specific needs. Galvanized, the steel pipe screens come with great corrosion resistance. Light in weight, they ensure ease of handling.

    1. Diamond Drill Bit

      It is suitable for multiple formations. Due to unique design, high quality artificial diamond inserts will always keep exposed for quick drilling.

    1. Reaming Shell

      It can extend the life of drill bit and has an influence on bit performance, so selecting the best available is an investment in productivity.

    1. Core Barrel Assembly

      It eliminates thermal expansion issues, improves core quality through ease of handling, and provides a platform to enhance drilling processes and core analysis.

    1. Recovery Tools (for Drilling)

      We are proud to offer a complete range of quality recovery tools with both male and female threads for retrieving struck, damaged or lost tooling from the borehole during drilling operations.

    1. Wrench (Fork Type)

      Shown here is a fork type wrench that is designed for clamping the drilling tool and keep it in suspension over the borehole. It is made from high quality carbon steel using stamping die, ensuring a smooth body as well as high robustness and durability.

    1. Water Swivel

      The water swivel is used with common core drilling rigs and diamond drilling rigs to pump drilling fluid into the well. Made from premium quality carbon steel, our drill swivel offers flexible and reliable rotation during drilling operation.

    1. Hoisting Plug

      Hoisting plug enables easy lifting and lowering of drill rods and casing. Our hoisting plugs are made from top quality carbon steel by die stamping method, ensuring superior strength, reliability and safety.