Coring Wrench / Full Circle Grip Wrench

The coring wrench also known as full circle grip wrench is designed specifically for the assembly and disassembly of core barrels and casings in all kinds of specifications. Handle of the core barrel wrench is made in die stamping process, jaw is made using premium quality tool steel and inserts feature quenching treatment for reliability firm clamping. In addition, the unique gripping surface offers superior strength without damaging the tube surface.

Technical Parameters
Coring Wrench/Full Circle Grip Wrench
Specs. Length mm Operating torque N.M
Φ73/89 450 1200
Φ108/127 450 1600
Φ146/168 500 2000
Φ219/245 670 2500
Φ50 476 1600
Φ60 476 1600
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