Reaming Shell

We can not underestimate the importance of reaming shell in maintaining direction of gauge of the hole. It can extend the life of drill bit and has an influence on bit performance, so selecting the best available is an investment in productivity.

Our reaming shells are made by a team that understands the importance. Beset with natural or artificial diamond impregnated pads, they function as an important reaming tool used in core drilling system for to keep the borehole size up to standard, improve drill pipe stability and avoid excessive wear of lower part of drill pipe.

Technical Parameters
Core Barrel BQ NQ HQ PQ
Bit ID/OD 36.5/59.5mm 47.6/75.3mm 63.5/95.6mm 85/122mm
Reaming shell ID/OD 60mm 75.8mm 96mm 122.5mm
Inner tube ID/OD 38.1/42.9mm 50/55.6mm 66.7/73.1mm 89/95.3mm
Inner tube length 3070mm 3070mm 3075mm 3070mm
Outer tube length 3388mm 3427mm 3480mm 3497mm
Rock core diameter 36.5mm 47.6mm 63.5mm 85mm
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