Drill Pipe for Oil Industry

Diamond drill bit is the most commonly used drill bit in geological and mineral exploration drilling operations. It is suitable for multiple formations. Due to unique design, high quality artificial diamond inserts will always keep exposed for quick drilling.

1. Diamond Impregnated Drill Bits
Our drill bits impregnated with diamonds feature exquisite workmanship and stable quality. When ordering the rock drill bits, you should select corresponding body hardness according to the hardness and abrasive property of the rock

2. PDC Drill Bits
Here you can find a various kinds of PDC drill bits, available in coring and non-coring options. They are ideal for both soft and medium hard rock formations, with high drilling efficiency, excellent draining performance, etc.

Common sizes: φ75-78, φ91-95, φ111-114, φ131-134, φ151-155, φ160-172, φ180-198

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