Casing Pipe

Casing pipe is pipe or tubing of various diameter and weight used to support the sides of a well and prevent the walls from caving, to isolate different formations and prevent liquid flowing into each other, and to control the formation fluid and pressure. In addition, the drill casing can also assist ground well-control equipment and underground production equipment in realizing the maximum performance.

It finds wide applications for various well drilling applications with complex formations and drilling diameters. We supply a vast variety of casing pipes available in multiple specifications. We can make the drill accessories according to your requirements.

Technical Parameters
1 Description OD ID WEIGHT
2 AW 3.0m(10') 57.10(mm)
17 (kg/3m)
3 AW 1.5m(5')
4 BW 3.0m(10') 73.00(mm)
2.88 (in)
70 ( Ib/10ft)
5 BW 1.5m(5')
6 NW 3.0m(10') 88.90(mm) 3.5(in) 76.20(mm) 3.00 (in) 38.4(kg/3m) 86(lb/10ft)
7 NW 1.5m(5')
8 NW 1.0m(2')
9 HW 3.0m(10') 114.30(mm) 4.50(in) 101.60(mm) 4.00 (in) 52.20(kg/3m) 117.00(lb/10ft)
10 HW 1.5m(5')
11 HW 1.0m(2')
12 HWT 3.0m(10') 114.30(mm) 4.50(in) 101.60(mm) 4.00 (in) 52.20(kg/3m) 117.00(lb/10ft)
13 HWT 1.5m(5')
14 HWT 1.0m(2')
15 PW 3.0m(10') 139.70(mm) 5.50(in) 127.00(mm) 5.00 (in) 64.30 (kg/3m) 144.00(lb/10ft)
16 PW 1.5m(5')
17 PW 1.0m (2')
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