Mud Pump

Mud pump, as one of the main components of geological exploration equipment, is mainly used to offer washing fluid (mud or water) to the hole during core drilling process. The fluid then flows up the annular space between the hole and drill pipe carrying cuttings in suspension to the surface, thus keeping the bottom of hole clean. Moreover, the fluid can cool and lubricate the drill bit, protect hole wall and facilitate drilling.

    1. Triplex Mud Pump, BW250/BW320

      With two cylinder diameters and four variable speeds, the drilling fluid equipment is mainly used for delivering mud for core drilling rig as well as for other applications such as grouting, mineral well cleaning and long distance water transporting, etc.

    1. Quadraplex Mud Pump, 850/8

      The 850/8 mud pump is a single acting reciprocating pump designed with four horizontally placed cylinders. With simple structure, it is easy to operate and maintain.

    1. Quadraplex Mud Pump, 1200/10

      This quadraplex mud pump is used mainly with drilling rigs to offer drilling fluid for drilling of water well, shallow oil, coalbed gas, etc. It can also serve as a delivery pump for mud, water and other media.

We have manufactured a wide range of mud pumps which come in various specifications and offer reliable quality and affordable price. Among them, the BW series drilling pump has been sold to tens of countries around the world.