CFA Piling Rig

We at Geological Prospecting Machinery Plant offer two models of CFA piling rigs, also known as CFG piling rigs for your specific foundation drilling purposes. Our continuous flight auger piling rigs ensure fast cast-in-place piling with minimal vibration.

    1. CFA Piling Rig,LG-40

      Our LG-40 hydraulic CFA piling rig is designed for several purposes. It is mainly used in the deep foundation projects of high rise building, high speed railway and high way with continuous flight augering technique.

    1. CFA Piling Rig,TS-22

      TS-22 is our newest CFA piling rig developed in terms of the cement flyash gravel pile (CFG) technique. It is characterized by excellent pile quality, high piling efficiency, quiet operation and extreme suitability for various kinds of formations.