Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) Piling Rig

, TS-22

TS-22 is our newest CFA piling rig developed in terms of the cement flyash gravel pile (CFG) technique. It is characterized by excellent pile quality, high piling efficiency, quiet operation and extreme suitability for various kinds of formations. Without circulation fluid, the deep foundation machine generates quite low noise, thus ideal for city construction projects.

1. According to customers' requirements, the CFA piling rig can be optionally equipped with low speed (37kWx2) and high speed (45kWx2) rotation heads for applications in different areas.
2. Foldable mast can be transported on flat-bed trailer, while carrying rotation head. It is also suitable for tractor-trailer transport in short distance.
3. Mast folding up and down is hydraulically driven, ensuring high stability.
4. The piling rig quick installation on site and easy transfer of position.

Technical Parameters
TS-22 Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) Piling Rig
Allowable pile extracting force 300 kN
Maximum drilling depth 22 m
Drilling diameter 400mm , 600mm
Mast tilting range ± 2°
Traveling speed 4.5m /min
Track stroke 1.4m
Maximum permissible gradient
Rotation head speed 0.36r/min
Rotation angle 360°
Working size 11.6 x 5.2 x 26.0(m)
Transportation size 14.1 x 3.2 x 3.4(m)
Rotation Head
Power 45kW x 2 45kW x 2 37kW x 2
Output speed 31r/min 21r/min 21r/min
Maximum output torque 27kN · m 40kN · m 33kN · m
Hollow shaft diameter Φ 125 mm
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