Hydraulic Multipurpose Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) Piling Rig

, LG-40

Our LG-40 hydraulic CFA piling rig is designed for several purposes. It is mainly used in the deep foundation projects of high rise building, high speed railway and high way with continuous flight augering technique.

The hydraulic piling rig can create various types of piles including HS piles, SDS piles and CFG piles, delivering fast piling speed, high pile quality, low noise, minimal vibration and no influence by underground water. It is suited to pile in multiple types of formations. This product obtained national invention patent in 2012.

1. The piling rig is fully hydraulic driven, with electro-hydraulic proportional control. This ensures centralized operation, high safety and portability.
2. Main components including rotary table, main winch, track, undercarriage slewing unit, auxiliary winch, etc. are all equipped with balance valves, overload relief valves, brake and other devices for maximum safety.
3. Specially designed double drum winch (Patent No.: ZL 2010 1 0163348.4) makes sure the rotation head can realize full-stroke feeding with improving or reducing pressure. Feeding speed can be adjusted steplessly.
4. Large torque rotation head (Patent No.: ZL 2010 2 0179840.6) is uniquely designed to have two drive devices symmetrically placed, thus eliminating radial force on slewing bearing and effectively extending bearing life.
5. Sliding drill pipes (Patent No.: ZL 2010 2 0179884.9) are provided to transfer large rotary torque as well as double-direction axial force. The pipes can slide 5-8m to ensure an effective reduction of mast height and significant improvement of construction safety.
6. Hydraulic track system with continuously variable speed guarantees stable traveling and flexible turning. Hydraulic legs are used for leveling the piling rig, improving stability and safety and saving handling cost.
7. Placed in the front of the piling rig, operation cab provides broad vision. Equipped with a number of instruments and switches, it allows for real time supervision and control over the rig.
8. Mast and guide rail all feature rectangular box structure. They are fabricated from high strength structural steel, offering high robustness and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Technical Parameters
Model LG-40
Drilling diameter Φ400~600mm
Drilling depth 24+8 m
Rotation head speed 0~6r/min
Rotation head output torque 500 kN·m
Rotation head travel 24m
Main winch hoisting capacity 800 kN ( Double rope )
Main winch pressure capacity 400 kN ( Double rope )
Auxiliary winch hoisting capacity 50 kN ( Single rope )
Main pump power 220kW
Power of auxiliary pump 1 4 kW
Power of auxiliary pump 2 37 kW
System pressure 28 MPa
Traveling (track mounted) Track gauge 4800 mm
Track wheelbase 5000 mm
Track shoe width 900 mm
Gradeability 5~25 °
Size (LxWxH) Transportation size 13600x3000x3400 mm
Working size 12800x6770x28500 mm
Total weight ( Working condition ) 82t
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