Hydraulic Percussion Reverse Circulation Drilling Rig

, YCJF-20/25

Here comes our YCJF-20/25 hydraulic percussion reverse circulation drilling rig that is a proprietary drilling rig designed to drill large diameter holes for cast-in-place pile construction in deep foundation projects. This series of hydraulic drilling rig is suitable for all kinds of formations, especially for gravel and rock formations where it comes with higher drilling efficient and quality than other drill rigs.

1. Patented percussion drilling rig (Patent No.: ZL03217092.0);
2. Hydraulic driven drilling rig with impact frequency and stroke adjustable in a stepless manner, while ensuring automatic feeding and high drilling efficiency;
3. Mechanical-electrical-hydraulic integrated equipment provided with a single chip microcomputer for automatic percussion control;
4. Differential double-drum winch enables automatic leveling of drill hammer, thus preventing it being stuck;
5. Hydraulic moving mechanism is equipped for easy movement and transportation.

Technical Parameters
Hydraulic Percussion Reverse Circulation Drilling Rig
Model YCJF-20 YCJF-25
Drilling diameter 700 ~ 2000 mm 1200~3000 mm
Drilling depth 80 m 80 m
Drill bit weight 6 t 8 t
Impact stroke 10 ~ 1300mm 100~1300mm
Impact frequency 0 ~ 30 times/min 0~30 times/min
Main winch hoisting capacity 100 kN 100 kN
Auxiliary winch hoisting capacity 30 kN 30 kN
Maximum mast load 250 kN 240 kN
Effective height of mast 7.5 m 7.5 m
Main motor power 55 kW 75 kW
Drive type Hydraulic Hydraulic
Total weight 14 t 19 t
Dimensions 7370x2300x3030 mm 7760x2800x3300 mm
Applicable RC drill bits model YC-2500B
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