Percussion Reverse Circulation Drilling Rig

, CJF-15

The CJF-15 percussion reverse circulation drilling rig is your rig of choice for deep foundation projects. To be specific, it is mainly used in large diameter cast-in-place pile construction and underground diaphragm wall construction for high rise building, water dam and bridge. The percussion drilling equipment is suitable for complex formations, featured by high drilling efficiency in gravel and rock formations.

Based on state of the art reverse circulation drilling process, the drilling rig comes with drastic boosting of efficiency and reducing of drill bit wear. Drill mast folds up and down quickly by means of hydraulic control. Hydraulic moving mechanism is also optional for easy movement.

Technical Parameters
CJF-15 Percussion Reverse Circulation Drilling Rig
Rated drilling diameter 1.5 m
Rated drilling depth 80 m
Rated drill bit weight 2.5 t
Drill bit impact stroke 1m
Drill bit impact frequency 40 times/min
Main hoist hoisting capacity 40 kN
Auxiliary hoist hoisting capacity 30 kN
Hoisting speed 35 m /min
Maximum mast load capacity 200 kN
Effective height of mast 8m
Hole clearing method Direct and reverse circulation
Main power 45 kW
Transportations size (not including moving mechanism) 6.02x2.22x2.7 m
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