DTH Water Well Drilling Rig

DZ series rigs are versatile crawler mounted hydraulic drilling rigs designed for DTH water well drilling purposes. The water well drilling rig carries out down the hole drilling using mud or compressed air for hole clearing, ensuring a very high drilling speed in hard rocks.

Features of Water Well Drilling Rig
1. The DZ series DTH drilling rigs employ a fully hydraulic drive system with electro-hydraulic pilot control. This leads to easy operation and stable transmission.
2. Fabricated from bent steel plates, the mast boasts high bearing capacity. Feed slide features cross bearing, allowing for gap adjustment in two directions and easy maintenance.
3. Feeding of drill pipes is driven by electric chain motor, with independent hydraulic circuit and feeding pressure and speed adjustable. Such feeding method provides a long stroke, meaning that a 3m drill pipe can be directly added, thus effectively reducing handling time.
4. Rotation head is driven by a low speed high torque hydraulic motor which offers a selection of two output speeds, so that it is suitable for both pneumatic DTH drilling and high performance DTH hammer drilling. Also, it can be applied in traditional water well drilling process.
5. The rotation head comes with two speed options for going up and down quickly. This can drastically shorten drilling time and thereby improve drilling efficiency.
6. Crawler mounted design ensures high ease of moving.
7. Supported by drag chains, the hydraulic pipes will be free from excessive wear, partly enhancing construction safety.