DTH Water Well Drilling Rig

, DZ-500/800

The DZ-500/800 DTH water well drilling rigs of Taishan brand are medium sized, efficient and versatile track mounted drilling rigs. They are fully hydraulic operated surface drilling rigs.

1. Ideal for water well drilling, monitoring well drilling and other drilling projects;
2. Capable of carrying out mud or compressed-air DTH drilling in a variety of formations; provide a high drilling speed in the rock with a Protodyakonov coefficient of 6-20

Technical Parameters
DTH Water Well Drilling Rig, DZ-500/800
Drilling depth 330 m
Drilling diameter 110-350mm
Air pressure 1.05-3.45MPA
Total air consumption 16-85m3/min
Drill pipe length 3 m
Drill pipe diameter 89mm
Hoisting weight 16 t
Rotary table torque 8500N.M, 4250N.M
Rotary table speed 0-180r/min
Supporting leg travel 1400mm
Drilling efficiency 10-25m/h (Air DTH drilling)
Gradeability 21°
Total weight 10.5 t
Dimensions 6.5x2.1x2.8
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