DTH Water Well Drilling Rig

, DZ-350

Described here is our DZ-350 DTH water well drilling rig that is a light weight, efficient and multi-functional crawler mounted drilling rig.

1. This DTH drill rig is mainly used for drilling of water well and monitoring well, geothermal drilling and other drilling applications.
2. It is able to conduct compressed air operated down-the-hole drilling in numerous kinds of formations.
3. Mast folding up and down, rotation head going up and down, drill pipe loading and unloading, rotating and drilling, hoisting, traveling and other movements are driven hydraulically, considerably reducing labor intensity and improving drilling efficiency and quality.

Technical Parameters
DZ-350 DTH Water Well Drilling Rig
Drilling depth 350m
Drilling diameter Φ300~500 mm
Rotation head speed First gear 36 r/min
Second gear 72 r/min
Maximum speed 120 r/min
Rotation head torque 6000 N·m
Hoisting capacity 65000 N
Hoisting speed First gear 17 m /min
Second gear 34 m /min
Feeding force 40000 N
Feeding stroke 3700 mm
Main power Cummins diesel engine, 132 Kw@2200 r/min
Gradeability 30°
Drill pipe length 3m
Main machine weight 7000 Kg
Traveling method Hydraulic crawler
Dimensions 5600x2060x2750 mm
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