Truck Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig

, SPJC-400

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

1. Truck

The SPJC-400 water well drilling rig is truck mounted. All components are mounted on a Sinotruck 8x4 special truck, including transfer case, main transmission system, gearbox, two winches, mud pump, rotary table, mast, wire rope feed mechanism, etc.

2. Direct Circulation Mud Rotary Drilling
The rotary drilling rig mainly uses direct circulation mud rotary drilling method. It is provided with the BW850/2A type mud pump. Drilling fluid is pumped down the drill pipe and out through drill bit. The fluid then flows up the annular space carrying cuttings to the surface. Equipped with proper tools, it is also suitable for other drilling process.

3. Dual Power
Truck engine offers needed power for truck traveling and well drilling. A 55kW electric motor and electrical control system is another source of power. According to driller requirements, a MF three-phase AC generating set can be optionally mounted to power night lighting or welding.

4. High Drilling Efficiency
Depending on double hydraulic winches, mast pulleys and hoisting rings, drilling efficiency goes up even in the toughest formations such as mudstone, heavily weathered rock, base rock, etc.

5. Mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Control
Mechanical drive is the main drive method of the water well drilling rig, with mast, six balancing legs and four leveling legs hydraulically controlled, and two mechanical legs, transfer case and mud pump clutch system pneumatically controlled.

6. Wide Applications
With large rotary table torque and fast drilling, the truck mounted water well drilling rig has found wide applications in farm irrigation and water conservancy projects, industrial deep well drilling, national defense construction, hydrologic exploration, geothermal drilling and foundation drilling.

7. Multiple Drilling Processes Available
Based on user requirements, the drilling rig can be equipped with some components or drilling tools for various drilling processes. For example, it can be equipped with SULLAIR, Atlas and other best in class air compressor to conduct air operated DTH drilling, fitted with dual-use water swivel, special drill pipe, gas-water separator, etc. for gas lift reverse circulation drilling, provided with hydraulic DTH hammer and mud pump for hydraulic DTH drilling and offer other drilling tools for core drilling.

Technical Parameters
SPJC-400 Truck Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig
Drilling depth (M) 400
Drilling diameter (mm) 500
Rotary table speed (r/min) 12.8 , 22.3 , 38.5 , 59.8 , 102.7 , 117.6;
16.1 (Reverse rotation)
Rotary table torque (KN.m) 41.4 , 23.8 , 13.8 , 10.6 , 5.1 , 4.5
32 (Reverse rotation)
Main Hydraulic Drawworks
Single rope pull (KN) 40
Maximum pull (KN) 270
Auxiliary Hydraulic Drawwork
Single rope pull (KN) 40
Maximum pull (KN) 160
Rotary hook lifting capacity (KN) 270
Mast bearing force (KN) 270
Mast height (mm) 12043
Load weight (t) 30
Drill pipe Main drill pipe size (mm) 108x108x7500
Auxiliary drill pipe size (mm) Ф89x10x6050
Hydraulic pump Model CB-HP80/40
Displacement (ml/r) 80/40
Rated speed (r/min) 2000
Rated pressure (MPa) 20
BW850/2A Mud pump Cylinder sleeve diameter (mm) 150
Piston stroke (mm) 180
Theoretical flow (L/min) 600 850
Rated pressure (Mpa) 32
Times of stroke per minute 58 82
Inlet hose diameter (mm) 127
Outlet hose diameter (mm) 64
Input speed (r/min) 470
Input power (kw) 40
Dimensions (mm) 2000x1030x1400
Weight (t) 1.5
Power unit Diesel engine Model WD615.92E
Rated power (KW) 194
Speed (r/min) 2300
Maximum torque 650N.m/1400-1500rpm
Truck Model TAZ5343TYT
Drive mode 8x4
Engine Model and type WD615.92E, National Emission Standard III
Rated power (KW) 196
Speed (r/min) 2300
Dimensions (L x W xH) (mm) 11510x2480 x2800
Model in National Announcement of P.R.China TAZ5343TZJ truck mounted water well drilling rig
Power generator set Model MF
Rated power (KW) 15
Rated voltage (V) 400
Rated current (A) 27
Power factor 0.8
Speed (r/min) 1500
Rated frequency ( Hz ) 50
Insulation class H
IP Rating IP21
Optimal working gears of transmission in driver cab (speed) Five-speed (1000-1400r/min)
Maximum traveling speed (Km/h) 75
Weight (kg) 19340
Transportation size (L x W xH) (mm) 12386x2490 x3837mm
Working size (L x W xH) (mm) 11123x2490 x13618mm
Optional Components
SPJC-400 Truck Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig
Air Compressor Brand and model Air displacement Working pressure Matching diesel engine Power
US SULLAIR, 1070XH 30.3 m 3 /min 2.41Mpa Caterpillar 347Kw
Sweden Atlas Copco, XRVSI096 28.3 m 3 /min 2.0Mpa Caterpillar 328Kw
Japan , PDSJI00S 28.3 m 3 /min 2.11Mpa Mitsubishi 327Kw
China Kaishan, LGCY26/20K 26 m 3 /min 2.0Mpa Cummins 298Kw
China Hongwuhuan, HG900/20 25.5 m 3 /min 2.0Mpa Cummins 239Kw
DTH Drill Hammer Place of Origin Models Hole size range Length Weight
South Korea TD50 130-152mm 781mm 62Kg
TD80 194-254mm 1264mm 180Kg
TD100 251-305mm 1575mm 350Kg
TD112 320-381mm 1788mm 618Kg
Drill Bit Compatible drill hammer Diameter
TD50 146mm
TD80 216mm
Dust collector
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