Rotary Table Water Well Drilling Rig

, TSJ1000/1500

The TSJ100/1500 rotary table water well drilling rigs are used mainly for exploration of water, middle and shallow oil, natural gas, coalbed gas, geothermal energy, etc. Inspired by shallow oil drilling process, the drilling rig is fitted with cathead winch for drill bit unscrewing.

Technical Parameters
Models TSJ1000 TSJ1500
Drilling depth (m) φ89mm drill rods 1000m 1500m
Rotary Table
Through-hole size (mm) Φ435 Φ660
Speed (r/min) 48, 69, 110, 190 37, 52, 84, 145
Maximum torque ( kN.m ) 15 21
Maximum single rope pull ( kN ) 70 90
Hoisting speed (m/s) 0.84, 1.90, 3.3 0.84, 1.90, 3.3
Clutch input speed (r/min) 730 730
Traveling system 4x5 4x5
Power unit Diesel engine 4135AN 120PS 6135AN 150PS
Electric motor Y315S-4 90KW Y315S-4 110KW
Overall dimensions (mm) 3880x1965x1290 4320x2200x1290
Weight (exclusive of power unit) (kg) 6600 7300
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