Truck Mounted Small Water Well Drilling Rig, HZC Series

Outstanding in class, our HZC series truck mounted water well drilling rigs of HZC-200GT and HZC-3 models offer excellence in water well drilling as well as foundation drilling and roadbed grout hole drilling applications.

1. Mounted on best in class trucks for the maximum flexibility, stability and environmental performance;
2. BW-250 mud pump is equipped for your desired mud pumping efficiency;
3. Sliding rail allows the water well drilling rig to move a little bit distance for easy operation;
4. Hydraulic mast erection

Technical Parameters
HZC Series Truck Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig
Model HZC-200GT HZC-3
Drilling depth (m) 30-200 30-600
Hole size (mm) 30-75 300-75
Drilling angle (°) 90-75 90-75
Weight (with power unit excluded) (kg) 4000 9000
Spindle speed (r/min) 64-557 30-1050
Spindle travel (mm) 450 600
Max pull force(kg) 1600 3000
Drum capacity(m) 35 65
Hoisting speed (m/s) 0.12-0.95 0.3-1.9
Wire rope diameter (mm) 12.5 12.5
Effective height of mast (mm) 6500 6500
Power Unit
Engine ZS1115 diesel engine YN 27 diesel engine
Rated power 14.7kw/2200rpm Rated power 39kw/2400rpm
Mud pump BW-160 BW-250
Model Tanjun Jinlika Light Duty Truck New Cellon Medium Duty Truck
( CA1167PK2L2E4A80)
Drive type 4x2 4x2
Diesel engine
Model QUANCHAI 4B2-95C40 BFM2012-16E4
Emission standard GB3847-2005, GB17691-2005 IV GB3847-2005, GB17691-2005 IV
Rated power (kW) 70 121
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