Small Water Well Drilling Rig

, HZ-130

HZ-130 is one of your rigs of choice for geological survey and exploration, road and high-rise building foundation drilling and civil water well drilling purposes. Available in trailer mounted, crawler mounted and truck mounted designs, the water well drill rig provides extreme flexibility and versatility. It is currently the most popular and best-selling small sized water well drilling rig.

1. 6-speed transmission with the maximum speed up to 1045r/min provides high drilling efficiency.
2. Designed with automatic hydraulic feed mechanism, the water well drilling rig features higher efficiency in drilling.
3. Pressure gauge is equipped at the bottom of hole for easy supervision over bottom pressure.
4. With the help of large module gear and support frame, the hoist boasts improved hoisting and braking capabilities.
5. 4 shafts are outfitted for positioning the spindle, ensuring that the rotation head provides enough rigidity and stability for complex geological conditions such as gravel formation, pebble formation, etc.
6. Modularly equipped with a 160L/min slush pump, the surface drilling rig presents compact structure for easy handling while providing high cost savings.

Technical Parameters
HZ-130 Small Water Well Drilling Rig
Drilling depth 130m
Hole size, top 220mm
Hole size, bottom 75 46mm
Drill rod diameter 50 42mm
Drilling angle 90°~ 75°
Rig moving 400mm
Weight (No power unit) 610kg
Overall dimensions 2.1x0.9x1.3m
Speed 130, 300, 480, 730, 830, 1045r/min
Travel 450mm
Maximum hoisting weight (single line) 1600kg
Hoisting speed 0.32, 0.67, 1.06m/s
Wire rope diameter 12.5mm
Capacity of drum 35m
Internal brake diameter 230mm
Brake strap width 50mm
Slush/mud Pump
Type Horizontal single cylinder twin-action pump
Flow 95 77L/min
Maximum pressure 2.5Mpa
Working pressure 1.2Mpa
Water inlet diameter 40mm
Water outlet diameter 30mm
Power Unit
Diesel engine Model S1105, 18Hp, 1500r/min
Electric motor Y160M-4, 11kw , 1440r/min
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