Core Drilling Rig

As a specialist core drilling rig manufacturer, we are proud to offer customers a selection of Taishan brand hydraulic core drilling rigs and spindle core drilling rigs. They are available in trailer mounted, crawler mounted and truck mounted designs for high portability.

    1. Crawler Mounted Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig XDL-1500

      This hydraulic core drilling rig is perfect for multiple drilling operations including wire-line diamond drilling, percussion rotary drilling, directional drilling, reverse circulation drilling, etc. Additionally, it can also be used in water well, mineral exploration and geothermal drilling projects.

    1. Crawler Mounted Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig XDL-3000

      XDL-3000 is our newest type of hydraulic core drilling rig developed on the basis of XDL-1500 for drilling of extremely deep holes. This hydraulic rotary drilling rig comes with upgrade on gearbox, mast, winch, crawler track and other parts, resulting in excellent drilling performance.