This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Need a spindle type core drilling rig with large exploration drilling capacity, reasonable speed distribution, long spindle travel, large power and output torque, hydromatic brake and excellent lifting capacity? Any model in our XY series core drill rigs can meet your needs.

Applications by Models
1. XY-1/XY-2

Engineering exploration;
Water well drilling;

2. XY-3/XY-4/XY-5/XY-6
Metal and non-metal mineral exploration;
Geological drilling for shallow oil, natural gas, geothermal resources and coalbed methane;
Tunnel ventilation and drainage

Currently in China, our XY-3, XY-4, XY-5 and XY-6 core drilling rigs are the relatively ideal geological drilling equipment for deep exploration applications. Here at Geological Prospecting Machinery Plant, well reputed for its Taishan brand equipment, we can offer customers professional drilling rigs and the optimal equipment solutions to their construction conditions and technological requirements.

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