Spindle Core Drilling Rig

, XY-5A

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The XY-5A spindle core drilling rig offers a large improvement on rotation unit, transmission, clutch and base. This leads to an exceptional drilling capability. Spindle travel increases from 500mm to 600mm, and rig moving distance increases to 600mm.

1. 8 options of spindle speed, large torque, suitable for alloy and diamond coring as well as geological exploration, water well drilling and foundation drilling applications;
2. Large inner diameter of spindle (up to 96mm) which has long travel (up to 600mm) based on double hydraulic cylinder feed;
3. Excellent for wireline coring using large diameter drill pipes, making for improvement of drilling efficiency and reduction of accidents;
4. With large drilling capacity, it can drill to a depth of 1400m using drill pipes with a diameter of 71mm;
5. Hydraulic chuck employs one-way valve for oil feed and is provided with a hydraulic lock for large clamping force and high clamping stability;
6. Equipped with hydromatic brake, the core drilling rig provides stability and safety in deep well drilling;
7. Low center of gravity allows for a long distance of movement that reaches 600mm;
8. Shockproof and durable instruments are equipped for easy supervision over hole conditions; less operating handles ensure high flexibility and reliability

Technical Parameters
Geological drilling Drill pipe Drilling depth
₵ 50 1500m
₵ 60 1200m
Core drilling BT (55.5mm ) 1800m
NT (71mm) 1300m
HT (89mm) 1000m
Spindle bore diameter (mm) φ96
Torque (kN m) 0.39-5.64
Drilling angle 90°-80 °
Spindle speed (r / min) Clockwise: 85 , 166, 261 , 294 , 335 , 577 , 906 , 1232
Anti-clockwise: 65 , 225
Feed cylinder stroke (mm) 500
Feed cylinder jacking force (kN) 135
Feed cylinder feed force (kN) 90
Maximum single line hoisting capacity (kN) 40
Hoisting speed (m / s) 0.89 , 1.74 , 2.73 , 3.18 , 3.74 , 6.08
Wire rope diameter (mm) φ18.5
Capacity of drum (m) 140
Rig moving cylinder stroke (mm) 500
Electric motor 55kW Y250M-4
Diesel engine 80HP 4135AG
Gear oil pump YBC45/80 45L/min 8MPa
Weight (t) 3.5
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 3190 x1495 x 2140
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