Spindle Core Drilling Rig

, XY-4

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

We have proudly manufactured a simple type core drilling rig for exploration of solid mineral deposits using diamond and tungsten carbide drill bits. Our XY-4 core drilling rig offers compact structure, reasonable layout, light weight and easy disassembly for your choice. In addition, it is also a rig of choice for geological and groundwater exploration.

1. High drilling speed, 8-speed options; large torque, up to 3800 N.M
2. Ideal for small diameter diamond core drilling, large diameter cemented carbide core drilling and all types of construction drilling applications
3. Up to 93mm bore diameter of spindle which features double hydraulic cylinder feed, ensuring long travel, up to 460mm
4. With 2 reverse rotation speeds, reducing labor intensity in handling faults and keeping safety
5. Instruments equipped on the control panel make for easy supervision over hole conditions; less operating handles with reasonable layout ensure high flexibility and reliability
6. Individually driven, drilling rig and slush pump work efficiently to keep drilling stable

Technical Parameters
Water well drilling Drill pipe Drilling diameter Drilling depth
₵ 60 200mm 800m
₵ 73 350mm 500m
₵ 89 500mm 300m
Core drilling BT (55.5mm) 58mm 1400
NT (71mm) 76mm 1100
HT (89mm) 95mm 750
Spindle Drilling angle 90° - 80°
Spindle bore diameter φ93mm
Maximum spindle torque 3.8KNm
Spindle travel 600mm
Maximum lifting force 120KN
Maximum pressure force 90KN
Drill pipes φ50 φ 60 φ 71 φ 89
Speed Engine speed 1500 r/min
Spindle speed Low speed: 83 , 152 , 212 , 316 r/min
High speed: 254 , 468, 667 , 970 r/min
Reverse speed: 67 , 206 r/min
Hoist Wire rope diameter φ18.5mm 6 x 19mm
Capacity of drum 110m
Maximum single line pulling force 45KN
Maximum single line hoisting speed 0.70 , 1.29 , 1.84 , 2.68 m /s
Clutch Type Single disc dry friction clutch
Oil pump Model CBQH-F520-CLH6 Single gear oil pump
Hydromatic brake Model SC350
Power unit Electric motor Y225S-4 37KW/1480r/min
Diesel engine R4105G53 42KW/1500r/min
Drilling rig frame Backward travel 460mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 3024x 1100 x 1920 mm
Weight Excluding power unit 2300KG
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