Spindle Core Drilling Rig

, XY-3

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Need a high quality, performance and energy efficient core drilling rig for diamond core drilling, geological exploration drilling and water well drilling applications? Our XY-3 spindle core drilling rig is a great choice for you. It is a trailer mounted drill rig, with mast, main drill rig and diesel engine all mounted on the undercarriage. Hydraulic driven, the mast can easily erect.

Technical Parameters
Drilling Capacity
Drilling depth 600m
Opening diameter 400mm
Bottom diameter 75mm
Drilling angle 90°-65°
Clockwise rotation speed 57-1024r/min
Anticlockwise rotation speed 45-212r/min
Travel 560mm
Spindle bore 96mm
Max. hoisting capacity 4500KG
Maximum single line hoisting speed 0.5-2.0m/s
Internal brake width 90 mm
Wire rope diameter 14 mm
Maximum single line hoisting capacity 4000KG
Drum diameter 305mm
Capacity of drum 65m
Slush Pump (Horizontal three cylinder)
Flow 250L /min
Working pressure 80kg /cm2 kg/cm2
Water inlet diameter 75mm
Water outlet diameter 50mm
Oil Pump (F532/F314 dual gear pump)
Front pump flow, pressure 50L /min 20Mpa
Rear pump flow, pressure 16L /min 20Mpa
Power Unit
Diesel engine 37KW 2300RPM
Electric motor 22KW Y180L-4
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