Spindle Core Drilling Rig

, XY-1

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The XY-1 core drilling rig with a vertical spindle is ideal for geological survey and exploration, road and high-rise building foundation exploration, water well drilling and other applications. It comes in multiple types including trailer mounted, crawler mounted and truck mounted types. With extreme flexibility, it is the most popular compact water well drilling rig in current market.

Technical Parameters
Drilling Depth 130m
Maximum Hole Diameter 220mm
Drilling Diameter 75/46mm
Drill Pipe Diameter 50/42mm
Drilling Angle 90° ~ 75°
Drilling Rig Moving Distance 400mm
Weight (Without power unit) 610kg
Overall Dimensions 2.1x0.9x1.3m
Vertical Spindle
Speed 130, 300, 480, 730, 830, 1045r/min
Stroke 450mm
Maximum Single Line Pull 1600kg
Hoisting Speed 0.32, 0.67, 1.06m/s
Wire Rope Diameter 12.5mm
Capacity of Drum 35m
Internal Brake Diameter 230mm
Brake Band Width 50mm
Slush Pump
Type Horizontal single urn twin-action
Flow 95~ 77L/min
Maximum Pressure 2.5Mpa
Working Pressure 1.2Mpa
Water Inlet Diameter 40mm
Water Outlet Diameter 30mm
Power Unit
Diesel Engine Model S1105, 18Hp, 1500r/min
Electric Motor Y160M-4, 11kw , 1440r/min
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