Crawler Mounted Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig

, XDL-1500

The XDL-1500 crawler mounted hydraulic core drilling rig is the drilling contractor's rig of choice for various drilling operations where the use of heavy trucks is difficult. With optimized hydraulic system, the crawler mounted drill rig provides higher drilling efficiency, and due to large driving force of undercarriage, it comes with strong gradeability that makes it an ideal choice for rough and extreme terrains.

This hydraulic core drilling rig is perfect for multiple drilling operations including wire-line diamond drilling, percussion rotary drilling, directional drilling, reverse circulation drilling, etc. Additionally, it can also be used in water well, mineral exploration and geothermal drilling projects.

1. Hydraulic System

Hydraulic unit of the track mounted drill rig employs an advanced load sensing controller and features overall optimized design of hydraulic drive system and control system. This makes for high efficiency and low cost. Main hydraulic components come directly from foreign or domestic well known manufacturers, ensuring outstanding drilling stability and reliability.

Hydraulic Pump

2. Undercarriage
The hydraulic core drilling rig comes with an optimally designed undercarriage track system which boasts large driving force and provides strong gradeability that makes it suitable for field operations.

3. Gearbox
Rotation head is driven by a continuously variable transmission which offers a wide range of rotation speeds and three torque outputs, meeting the speed and torque needs for different drilling diameters. Rotation head can move laterally to avoid the drilling hole.

Slidable Gearbox

4. Hydraulic Chuck and Clamp
This hydraulic core drilling rig is provided with hydraulic chuck and hydraulic clamp which ensures quick and reliable clamping of drill pipe with great centering performance. By changing of slips, it can clamp the drill pipe for wireline coring in multi specifications.

Hydraulic Clamp

5. Feed Unit
Feed stroke is up to 3.5m, effectively reducing auxiliary work time, improving drilling efficiency and minimizing core blockage.

6. Main Winch and Wireline Winch
Main winch of the crawler mounted rotary drilling rig features stepless speed control and provides a hoisting capacity of 8.1 tons per rope. The wireline winch offers a wide speed range for high flexibility.


7. Mast
Foldable mast ensures the minimal transport dimensions and allows the core drilling rig to be directly driven into the container for easy transportation.

Foldable Mast

8. Control Panel
The control panel is provided with rotation head tachometer, diesel engine tachometer, bit pressure gauge, hydraulic pressure gauge and slush pump pressure gauge which enables a real-time observation of the running conditions and hole conditions.

Control Panel
Technical Parameters
XDL-1500 Crawler Mounted Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig
Drilling Capacity (straight hole ) BT (φ55.5mm) 1500m
NT (φ71mm) 1300m
HT (φ89mm) 600m
PT (φ114mm) 400m
Rotation Head Capacity RPM 10-960rpm
Max Torque 2880N·m
Max Feeding Power 50KN
Max Lifting Power 150KN
Max Inside Diameter 94 mm
Feed Stroke 3500 mm
Capacity of Main Winch Maximum Pull (Single/double line) 8100 /16000 kg
Speed 8-46 m/min
Wire Rope Diameter 19 mm
Capacity of Drum (Wire Rope Length) 26 m
Capacity of Wireline Winch Maximum Pull 1500 kg
Speed 30-210 m/min
Wire Rope Diameter 6mm
Capacity of Drum (Wire Rope Length) 1500m
Mast Mast Height 9.5m
Drilling Angle 45°- 90°
Mast Erection Method Hydraulic
Power Unit Type Diesel Engine
Power 132kW
Main Pump Pressure 27 MPa
Chuck Type Hydraulic
Clamp Type Hydraulic
Weight 10,600 kg
Transport Way Track
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