Trailer Mounted Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig

, XDJ-6

Similar to our XDJ-4 model, the XDJ-6 hydraulic core drilling rig also features modular construction. Components including base, power unit, mast and winch can be disassembled for easy transportation.

Technical Parameters
XDJ-6 Trailer Mounted Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig
Drilling Capacity (straight hole ) BT (φ55.5mm) 2500 m
NT (φ71mm) 2000 m
HT (φ89mm) 1300 m
PT (φ114mm) 600m
Rotary Head Capacity RPM 70-1000rpm
Max Torque 4310N·m
Max Feeding Power 60KN
Max Lifting Power 200KN
Max Inside Diameter 94mm
Feed Stroke 3500mm
Capacity of Main Winch Hoisting Force (Single/double rope) 13100/26000 kg
Hoisting Speed 8-42m/min
Wire Rope Diameter 22mm
Capacity of Drum (Wire Rope Length) 36m
Capacity of Wireline Winch Hoisting Force 1500kg
Hoisting Speed 30-210m/min
Wire Rope Diameter 6mm
Capacity of Drum (Wire Rope Length) 2500m
Mast Mast Height 9.5m
Drilling Angle 45°- 90°
Mast Erection Method Hydraulic
Power Unit Type 90 Kw
Power 194 Kws
Main Pump Pressure 27 MPa
Chuck Type Hydraulic
Foot Clamp Type Hydraulic
Weight 8100kg
Transport Way Trailer
Component Weight
XDJ-6 Trailer Mounted Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig
Components Weight
Electric Motor 600kg
Diesel Engine 760kg
Lower Mast 750kg
Rotation Unit/Rotation Table 625kg
Hydraulic Station 500kg
Drill Rig Chassis 550kg
Control Panel 150kg
Main Hoist 500kg
Hoist for Coring 230kg
Top Mast 340kg
Power Unit Chassis 230kg
Total Weight of Rig About 700kg
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